What We Do

"Together, we can create a community and a world that honors the dignity and respects the life of every human being. We have a hard road in front of us, but it is the only road worth taking. We invite you to join us."

Michael Goar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities

From Surviving to Thriving.

The mission of Catholic Charities is to serve those most in need and to advocate for justice in the community.

Men, women, children and families, just like all of us, come to Catholic Charities during some of the hardest times in their lives. The darkness of abuse, illness, homelessness, hunger. From the youngest child at Northside Child Development Center, to the oldest soul seeking shelter at the Dorothy Day Place, we are their home; we are their family.

Simply put, it is the mission of Catholic Charities to be there in those darkest, hardest moments to provide help and hope for a better future.

As the need for our services grows and becomes increasingly complex, Catholic Charities is working to adapt and respond. We respond in three ways – preventing poverty, meeting basic needs in times of crisis and creating pathways out of poverty.

We work with children and their families to provide a good start in life through a nurturing environment, comfort in crisis, and mental health counseling for bright, strong futures.

We serve older adults and people with disabilities, helping them live independently in their homes and connecting homeless elders to housing.

By meeting the needs of those most vulnerable and advocating on their behalf, we help improve the quality of life for the entire community. With the support of our generous donors, advocates and volunteers, we are providing hope for a brighter future for so many in need.

At places like the Dorothy Day Place, Higher Ground, Family Service Center and the Opportunity Center we provide meals, shelter and opportunities to find jobs, secure a stable home and medical care for those who need it.

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