Advocate with Catholic Charities

Why we advocate.

Our advocacy is informed by the experience of clients in our direct service programs and data and research, both of which illustrate striking racial and social inequities in our region. As we work to advance the common good and care for the most vulnerable among us, we must break these cyclical injustices because it is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.

It will take all of us to create a more fair and just community. We can’t all do everything, but we can all do something. By working together, both at the Capitol and in community, we can dismantle systemic racism and injustices. Learn more about how you can make a difference.

How we advocate.

Public Sector Action:

Catholic Charities works with the public sector to develop innovative
and influential ways to break down barriers and create opportunity
for everyone. Our advocacy is guided by Catholic Social Teaching and informed by both research and direct service. Legislative Agenda

Grassroots Advocacy:

Catholic Charities advocacy extends far beyond our walls. We rely on thousands of grassroots advocates, donors, volunteers, coalitions, public and private partners and a variety of community stakeholders to carry out our mission. Take Action

Public and Private Partnerships:

Catholic Charities believes that a healthy region is made up of both a strong, growing economy, and social inclusion and equity. As a critical piece of the region’s social and civic infrastructure, we are in a unique position to convene a diverse group of stakeholders to advance the common good. Fact sheet

Social Justice Education:

Catholic Charities creates spaces for people from different locations and backgrounds to learn and engage on the issues facing our community. Drawing from direct service and lived experience, Catholic Charities convenes community discussions on tough but important topics like poverty, racial equity and trauma. Social Justice Education

Who we serve.

Having a place to call home is central to a stable life, allowing individuals and families to pursue education and job opportunities, maintain their health and put down roots in the community for the next generation.

Using a two-generation approach to support families living in poverty creates stronger communities and stable childhoods so kids can learn, grow and prosper

A growing population that deserves independence, dignity and innovation in care.

As a critical part of the civic and social infrastructure, Catholic Charities advocates for the regional quality of life that results from a vital economy, social justice and inclusion.

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