Advocate with Catholic Charities

Advocate with Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities serves those most in need while calling for justice in the community. We are a leader at solving poverty, creating opportunity, and advocating for justice in the community. We encourage you to join us as we work to create lasting change for people living in poverty.

Contact the Office for Social Justice

60 Plato Boulevard East #230
Saint Paul, MN 55107
(651) 647-2588

How to Become an Advocate


Learn about issues, establish relationships, engage in open and respectful discussions, and raise your awareness of social justice topics. Events are scheduled throughout the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. See upcoming events.

Learn About Our Legislative Priorities

Catholic Charities will advocate on multiple issues in order to advance our mission to be a leader at solving poverty and creating opportunity. Our 2017 policy framework details the issues we are following.

Become a Sower of Justice

Sowers of Justice is a network of people of faith advocating for social, economic, and racial justice.  Join Sowers of Justice.

Education + Advocacy

Find more information about Catholic Social Teaching, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and advocacy tools and resources here.