Hope Street

Shelter for Young People

Hope Street is a shelter for young people aged 18-24, offering supportive services including food, clothing, laundry, medical care, and case management.

With an average stay of just 39 days, Hope Street staff have a very brief window of opportunity with youth in their care, providing as much support as possible to prevent homelessness from becoming their future. Hope Street’s trauma-informed care model reflects the need to create a safe space for youth to receive support as they work towards the goal of stable housing. Case managers assist youth with medical care, mental and chemical health counseling, family reunification, parenting support and education, one-to-one educational assistance, life-skills training, and more.

Additionally, most youth at Hope Street are motivated to find employment and increase access to income through work. Youth drive determination of their readiness to exit the program, and case managers help ensure that each person is equipped with the resources for a successful transition. At Hope Street, youth can access vital services that interrupt this cycle, de-escalate crises, and help build a stable foundation.

Hope Street
4140 Cheatham Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406

The new building acquired in 2022 and location in the Hiawatha neighborhood are ideal for Hope Street’s programs, providing dignified shelter and support to highly vulnerable young people as they work toward stability:

  • Each of the 25 rooms offer safety, privacy and dignity for youth who often have a history of trauma or who identify as LGBTQ+; each room has a private ensuite bathroom.
  • The building features spacious common areas and an accessible outdoor space where staff and guests can gather and build community.
  • Multiple employment opportunities for youth are located nearby.
  • The diverse and welcoming Hiawatha neighborhood is walkable, with easy access to transit, allowing youth to travel independently to school and work.
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