Social Justice Education

The mission of Catholic Charities is advanced through two distinct and critically important approaches – direct service to those most in need, and advocacy for a stronger, more just and vital community.

One of the most important and impactful ways we advance our mission to advocate for justice is by offering a unique brand of learning and community engagement: educational presentations, workshops, stand-alone tools and experiences to engage, educate and motivate individuals, families, neighborhoods, businesses and entire communities to see the power they have to advance the common good.

Specialized education and engagement opportunities currently available include:

Experiential Learning Tools

These unique, narrative-based learning tools are infused with knowledge from our expert program and research staff, and—most importantly—from the lived experience of youth and families who have experienced homelessness. Groups who utilize these creative tools explore issues in a conversational, interactive way. Participants connect to one another in powerful ways (great for team building!) and build a foundation for doing more.

A Catholic Charities team member can come and facilitate for your group, or you can use the guided resources to host a session yourself.

Youth Homelessness Simulation
Family Homelessness Simulation

Powerful Learning Workshops for All Ages

In-person sessions facilitated by highly trained and experienced Catholic Charities staff; multiple options
for length of sessions and adjustments for different age groups are available.

• Journeys in Racial Equity (can be done individually or as a series)

o Implicit Bias: Exploring unconscious bias and its implications in the world around us

▪ While bias and discrimination may have been blatant and conscious in the past, the dynamics of diversity have changed. Today, many of those discriminatory practices are unconsciously perpetuated by our choices and behavior shaped by associations we don’t even know we have.

o Power, Privilege and Identity: Exploring positions in society and the power that comes with privilege.

▪ Equity & Disparities; Racism, Sexism, Classism…What is my role and responsibility? Examining and understanding our own identities is just one piece
to the puzzle of combatting systematic oppression.

•Catholic Social Teaching

o Catholic Charities was founded on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching—principles that inform both our charity and social justice efforts every day. What is it, why does it matter, and how can it guide us in our work for equity and justice in our own social contexts?

Understanding Poverty and Homelessness

Many people who are seeking to engage more deeply on difficult, complex issues crave a foundation of understanding. These education sessions offer critical facts, current research and community trends and allow participants to develop a fresh perspective on their learning journey.

• Paired with a volunteer experience to add a foundation of knowledge and reflection

o Pre-experience preparation and interactive learning
o Post-experience reflection or Circle to process and move forward into action

• Stand-alone education session that can be provided at work places, parishes and other forums where time may be limited, but there is a desire to spark learning and action.

Custom Facilitations, Reflections, or Discussions for Your Community

Interested in discussing an issue or reflecting on an experience not listed above? Let us know! We have multiple formats—from circle dialogue to conventional workshops; open space to reflective retreats—to help lead your community or team through a variety of conversations.

Arrange Your Learning Opportunity Today!

There are a variety of ways to design the right learning and engagement opportunity for your group or organization. Contact Mike Rios-Keating, our Social Justice Education Manager, at or call (651) 647-2579 for more information.

Catholic Charities’ education and engagement services are made possible by critical philanthropic investments and a modest fee structure.

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