Racial Equity and Social Justice

At Catholic Charities we acknowledge the inherent dignity of each person regardless of race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or background. We believe in being compassionate to all individuals who come through our doors. This belief informs the imperative to work to end racism, invest in racial equity and intentionally create a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Catholic Charities Equity Statement

Recent events in the Twin Cities and across the nation shine a harsh light on the systemic racism and injustices that too many must confront every single day of their lives—systems that all of us must actively work to dismantle. Catholic Social Teaching tells us that charity and justice must go hand in hand, which is why our mission is to serve those most in need AND to advocate for justice in the community.

With the support of the Catholic Charities Executive Team and the Board of Directors, a cross-agency committee leads the organization efforts to address racial equity and social justice in all that we do. We invite you to join us on this journey.

We can’t all do everything, but we can all do something.


Support our social justice and advocacy team working to dismantle racist policies and structures.


Recent events in the Twin Cities have left those in need without basic items like clothing and baby supplies.


Spend time at one of our many sites throughout the community to help bring our mission to life.


Sign up for action alerts and be the first to know when your voice is needed to confront systemic racism.

Learn and Reflect

One of the first and most critical steps we can all take on our collective journey to racial equity and social justice is to learn our own history and from the experience of others. We’ve curated a list of books, podcasts, movies and videos to help us all take that step.

It’s also critical that we have the tough conversations. Wherever you or your community may be along this journey, Catholic Charities creates spaces for people to learn and engage the issues we face.

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