The comfort of home and a happy life

For much of his adult life, Billy Joe was lost, confused and on a mission to get high.

“I used to live and I lived to use,” he mused.

You helped Billy Joe come out the other side. He has gone from addiction and homelessness to living in his own place with a commitment to living a healthful life.

“I’m becoming a responsible, productive member of society again,” he said. “I have positive people in my life. I have a community now.”

Billy Joe has the support of Catholic Charities’ Older Adult Services program. His case manager, Danielle, helps him navigate the system, schedule medical appointments and get the help he needs so he can continue living independently.

“Danielle gave me confidence and let me know how to deal with different things. She’s just always been there for me,” he said. “I could have died without Danielle. She was there for me every step of the way.”

Billy Joe has been clean and sober for more than seven years. His routine is a stark contrast from his past life.

“I get up early and make some coffee and watch the news every morning,” he said.

Billy Joe attends meetings to help him maintain his sobriety and regularly communicates with his sponsor. He’s even become a sponsor for others.

“Everything is slowly falling into place,” he said. “Any addict can stop using drugs and find a new way of life.”

With your support, Billy Joe is enjoying his new life. He’s rebuilding relationships with his children and enjoys the stability of a place to call home.

“When I am tired, I can use my key and open my own door and come in and relax. I can get into bed when I get sleepy. When I am hungry, I can go in my kitchen and cook some food. Man, I feel so good that I can cook my own food.”

He said he hopes he can continue to live out the rest of his senior years in his small Minneapolis apartment overlooking the park.

“No slips, do dips, no weekend trips,” he says with a smile, pulling a stick of chewing gum out of a pack. He not only quit smoking crack, but cigarettes. Gum is his new vice. “I refuse to use drugs again.”

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