Partnering with Second Harvest Heartland on Innovative MealConnect App

Initiative helps connect excess prepared food with those who need it most.

Meal providers across the Twin Cities are working together to develop efficient and innovative ways to provide healthful foods to our neighbors in need.

An example:  Catholic Charities is partnering with Second Harvest Heartland on MealConnect, a new app that debuted in Minnesota last year. MealConnect allows organizations (such as corporations, caterers, stadiums and small restaurants) to post when they have excess food. The app then matches the donations with an agency—like Catholic Charities—that can pick up the donation. These efforts rescue meals that would otherwise go to waste, while making food available to our neighbors who need it most.

This Star Tribune article provides additional background on the initiative, and features our longtime partners, Second Harvest Heartland and Loaves & Fishes.


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