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2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Financial Report

Annual Report for the period from 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2015   
Balance Sheet   
ASSETS (in thousands)20142015 
Cash and cash equivalents6,3146,349 
Contracts and pledges receivable5,3989,652 
Prepaid expenses1,088998 
Investments & split-interest agreements49,82046,181 
Property and equipment (net)17,24220,638 
Total Assets79,862 83,818  
LIABILITIES  (in thousands)   
Accounts Payable and other accruals8,1927,409 
Long-term debt10,1248,186 
Total Liabilities18,31615,595  
NET ASSETS  (in thousands)   
Temporarily restricted9,49614,772 
Permanently restricted5,6455,766 
Total Net Assets61,54668,223 
Total Liabilities and Net Assets79,862 83,818  
Sources & Use of Funds   
Government contracts 20,83040.1%
Contributions and grants 22,45843.2%
Program fees 7,86115.1%
Investment and other resources 8451.6%
Total Revenue, Support & investment income 51,994 100.00%
Contributions and grants comprised of    
Private contributions and grants 15,87230.5%
In-kind gifts 2,6775.1%
Catholic Services Appeal Foundation 8641.7%
United way grants 1,6503.2%
Wills and bequests 1,3952.7%
Total contributions and grants 22,458 43.2%
Use of Resources (in thousands)   
Children & Family Services 10,02319.3%
Client Support Services 5,31710.2%
Housing Stability Services 18,44435.5%
New American Services 1,1512.2%
Older Adult Services 1,9043.7%
Social Justice Advocacy 4860.9%
Management and general 6,76613.0%
Fundraising 2,6945.2%
Investment in endowments 5,21010.0%
Total use of Resources 51,995 100.00%

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