A new home for Exodus

After 25 years at its current location in downtown Minneapolis, Exodus Residence will soon more than double the number of rooms available to people experiencing homeless at its new home in Elliot Park. The newly renovated building will help people who are chronically homeless, including veterans and those in recuperative care. What is being called… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: Unconscious Bias

Learned stereotypes that are automatic, unconscious and deeply engrained shape how our brains process and make sense of the world. When they impact other people or put in place systems that impact others, unconscious bias becomes problematic.

The Power of a Name

The power of a name. That sense of recognition and belonging. During a global pandemic, to hear one’s name called out has shown even more power; it creates a connection that has been so hard for people to find. “I look him in the eye, I know his name, and it opens the door to… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: The future of corporate philanthropy

Corporate giving used to be a box to be checked to get good P.R. but in the wake of natural disasters and pandemics, private companies are reexamining their responsibilities to the communities that support them and the employees that power them.

Meet Michael Goar

In January, Michael Goar stepped into his new position of President and CEO of Catholic Charitie. Since then, he has jumped in with both feet spending time with staff across the agency and learning about our work, all while managing virtual meetings and keeping his young daughter busy at home. Michael is uniquely prepared to… (Read More)