For the past six months, retirees Peggy Hanson and Frank Wright have enjoyed morning coffee every weekday in their downtown Saint Paul apartment, then walked to the Saint Paul Opportunity Center to volunteer in the kitchen. Peggy describes herself as “a recovering lawyer” who—for 20 years—owned a bed and breakfast in Lanesboro. Frank worked in… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: What is the housing continuum?

When talking about issues like homelessness or affordable housing, the phrase “housing continuum” is often referred to but many people have questions about what it means. In this episode of Voice, Amanda Horner and Mike Rios-Keating provide answers to the most asked questions.

Minnesota’s Statewide Housing Crisis

Minnesota: Out in the cold Minnesota’s statewide housing crisis is impacting Minnesotans at every point in the housing continuum, but not group is in more danger than the unsheltered- the dramatically increasing number of people living in their cars, under bridges, in stairwells and other places not meant for human habitation. This population is growing… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: Catholic Social Thought

From our daily social services to our social justice advocacy work, the mission of Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis is built on Catholic Social Teaching. Despite its deep roots in scripture and church documents, Catholic Social Teaching is not universally understood. In the first of a series of episodes, Mike Rios-Keating explores what… (Read More)

What is Housing Support

Housing support is a statewide program that exists to help people achieve and maintain housing stability. Directed towards seniors and adults with disabilities who have low incomes and who are at risk of homelessness or institutional placement, the program helps pay for housing costs, including rent, utilities, food, bed linens, laundry and housing supplies. More… (Read More)