A garden grows at St. Joe’s

As summertime comes to a close, it is harvest season at Catholic Charities’ St. Joseph’s Home for Children. You wouldn’t know it’s there unless you took time to look, but a garden grows, in the southeast corner of the St. Joseph’s Home for Children campus. About a tenth of an acre in size, the garden… (Read More)

LABOR DAY: Celebrating Those Who Enrich our Community Through Their Work

Today, on Labor Day, we celebrate those who enrich our community through their work. Catholic Social Teaching – which guides the mission of Catholic Charities—also supports the “dignity of work,” fostering a culture that promotes both the rights of workers and access to opportunity. On this Labor Day, we celebrate our 600 Catholic Charities employees who… (Read More)

Catholic Charities heads back to school

Because of you, School Based Counseling program provides support where it’s needed This week, as children lace up their sneakers and sharpen those bright yellow number 2 pencils, Catholic Charities is headed back to the classroom at schools throughout the metro area. The School Based Counseling program, which started in the mid-1980s, works to ensure… (Read More)

Helping others is part of Trebtoske family values

Julie Trebtoske grew up with Catholic Charities. Her dad, Peter Trebtoske, first worked for the counseling program, then ran Dorothy Day Center and even worked on the fundraising team before retiring in 1996. “Catholic Charities was always Dad’s job,” she said, talking of his decades of service. Simply put, Catholic Charities was part of the… (Read More)

Ending veteran homelessness in Minnesota

SERVING VETERANS TODAY: Catholic Charities is proud to serve nearly 600 veterans every year by providing services with dignified shelter and housing. Our facilities provide both the stability of a safe place to sleep at night and services designed to meet the specific needs of veterans. Through partnerships with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs,… (Read More)