Catholic Charities CEO Tim Marx Receives Colman J. Barry Award from St. John’s University

Award Recognizes Service and Advancement of Social Justice. Earlier this spring, Catholic Charities President and CEO Tim Marx was awarded the Colman J. Barry Award for Distinguished Contributions to Religion and Society from his alma mater, Saint John’s University. At the awards event– which brought together hundreds of alumni, friends and supporters of St. John’s University and the College… (Read More)

Partnering with Second Harvest Heartland on Innovative MealConnect App

Initiative helps connect excess prepared food with those who need it most. Meal providers across the Twin Cities are working together to develop efficient and innovative ways to provide healthful foods to our neighbors in need. An example:  Catholic Charities is partnering with Second Harvest Heartland on MealConnect, a new app that debuted in Minnesota… (Read More)

With a place to call home, a place to come alive

“I was a resident living at the intersection of Elk and Maple,” said John, who now makes his home on the third floor of Catholic Charities’ Higher Ground Minneapolis. “Oh, I said I lived at Spruce Street and Fountain Place,” quips Tim, who resides on the sixth floor. The street names weren’t from a neighborhood,… (Read More)

Smithfield Foods Inc and CUB Donate 32,000 pounds of protein

Generous donation to help our community’s most vulnerable A huge THANK YOU to Smithfield Foods, Inc., and CUB, who joined forces to donate more than 32,000 pounds of protein to Catholic Charities.  The food was delivered in 24 pallets and is the largest donation (pound-wise) that Catholic Charities has received to date. Their generous donation… (Read More)

Minnesota Family Investment Program sees first increase in 33 years

Whether a family turned to the state’s welfare program for help in 1986 or 2019, they would have received the same amount of assistance: $437 a month. That will change in February 2020, when approximately 31,000 families who get money through the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) will receive $100 more per month after lawmakers… (Read More)