Helping others is part of Trebtoske family values

Julie Trebtoske grew up with Catholic Charities. Her dad, Peter Trebtoske, first worked for the counseling program, then ran Dorothy Day Center and even worked on the fundraising team before retiring in 1996. “Catholic Charities was always Dad’s job,” she said, talking of his decades of service. Simply put, Catholic Charities was part of the… (Read More)

Ending veteran homelessness in Minnesota

SERVING VETERANS TODAY: Catholic Charities is proud to serve nearly 600 veterans every year by providing services with dignified shelter and housing. Our facilities provide both the stability of a safe place to sleep at night and services designed to meet the specific needs of veterans. Through partnerships with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs,… (Read More)

Heat Poses Health Risks for Unsheltered Neighbors

For people experiencing homelessness, the extreme heat of summer can be even more life-threatening than the cold days of winter. And for those over 55 years of age—a growing demographic among those experiencing homelessness—the implications can be even more severe.  Heat stroke is a real risk, and it is likely to impact people who are… (Read More)

Tim Marx visits Rochester Mayor’s Community Work Group on Homelessness

Homelessness is not unique to any one area of our state. More than 10,000 people in small towns, suburbs and big cities experience homelessness throughout Minnesota on any given night, according to the Wilder Foundation. But homelessness looks different in different parts of the state depending on what resources, services and support is available in… (Read More)

Standing with our Refugee Neighbors

Celebrate Refugee Contributions at Twin Cities World Refugee Day Celebration on Sunday. According to the United Nations, during every minute of every day, 20 people from around the world leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror. These men, women, and children seek safety, often surviving the unimaginable. Some ultimately arrive here in Minnesota,… (Read More)