A place to call home

We welcome our very first residents to their new homes at the nearly completed Dorothy Day Residence this week. Moving day is exciting for anyone; full of hope and opportunity. Follow along as clients settle into their new homes.

Celebrating Mary F. Frey: A lifetime of service

The Mary F. Frey Minneapolis Opportunity Center We are excited to share that the Minneapolis Opportunity Center, where clients connect to critical services, has officially been renamed the Mary F. Frey Minneapolis Opportunity Center. The new name recognizes nearly 40 years of service and commitment to Catholic Charities. Clients, staff and guests will now see… (Read More)

At Hope Street, Ashleigh built a stable foundation

Ashleigh hates Valentine’s Day. She spent the holiday not feeling loved, standing out in the sub-zero cold outside of her sister’s home after they had a fight and she was kicked out. Ashleigh wasn’t in proper gear for Minnesota winters and she had bronchitis. It was a scary, cold, miserable and sad day. That’s where… (Read More)

Walmart Foundation Supports SNAP Outreach

Critical grant funding Improves Access to Healthful Foods. At Catholic Charities, we believe that having access to nutritious foods is foundational to living a healthy life and building a healthy community. And we are fortunate to work with so many partners that also believe in this vision. For more than six years, we have partnered… (Read More)

Making Ends Meet: How will you invest your resources?

MAKING ENDS MEET. For many Minnesotans, homelessness is just one bad stroke of luck away. It has recently been reported by the Federal Reserve that nearly 40 percent of Americans would struggle to cover an unexpected expense of $400, and a quarter of Americans skipped necessary medical care because they couldn’t afford the cost. For… (Read More)