Voice Podcast: Trauma Informed Care

Trauma exists in many forms and millions of Americans experience it every year. Traumatic experiences impact mental and physical health and significantly impacts one’s overall well-being. Trauma has ripple effects for one’s families and across generations. As statistics on trauma become more widely known there is a growing need for what is known as Trauma-informed… (Read More)

Rosey: Queen of Her Castle

Rosey, 51, a resident of Saint Paul Higher Ground, likes to volunteer in her spare time, helping others in the same way that she has been helped during her residency in Catholic Charities housing. “I volunteer here at Higher Ground every other Wednesday,” she said. “I was volunteering at the Salvation Army down here on… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: The Ten Themes of Catholic Social Thought

Mike Rios-Keating speaks to Ron Krietemeyer who has deep roots in Catholic Social Teaching and was instrumental in forming the list of ten themes that are still used as an overall framework for understanding how the principles of Catholic Social Teaching flow from one to another.


For the past six months, retirees Peggy Hanson and Frank Wright have enjoyed morning coffee every weekday in their downtown Saint Paul apartment, then walked to the Saint Paul Opportunity Center to volunteer in the kitchen. Peggy describes herself as “a recovering lawyer” who—for 20 years—owned a bed and breakfast in Lanesboro. Frank worked in… (Read More)