Voice Podcast: Bipartisanship and the ADA

Cooperation between political parties is a rare occurrence in the current political environment. There have been examples of bipartisanship that resulted in acts which meant to solve problems and serve constituencies. One such law was the Americans with Disabilities Act which recently marked its 30th Anniversary. We talked with former Senator Dave Durenberger who introduced… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: Homelessness in the Suburbs

People experience homelessness in every corner of the state – from downtown corridors to rural small towns and everything in between. In this episode of VOICE Podcast, we talk with Lynette Dumalag, an expert in Twin Cities real estate and a Catholic Charities board member about the hidden crisis of homelessness in the suburbs.

Sending love to those who need it most

It’s been nearly one year of social distancing during a global pandemic. A year with limited visits, elbow taps rather than handshakes and air hugs instead of a warm embrace. But our need for human connection and community has not gone away with our need to protect each other from a deadly virus. Staff and… (Read More)

2021 Legislative Agenda Prioritizes Racial Equity and Social Justice

Catholic Charities’ Board of Directors approved this week a robust state legislative agenda centered on advancing racial equity and social justice initiatives. The agenda, developed over the course of several months with input from Catholic Charities’ staff, clients and partners, can be found in its entirety here. Leading on Emergency Shelters and COVID-19 Relief Building… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: Jessica Hancock-Allen

When COVID first hit the Twin Cities, Catholic Charites had to work quickly to ensure that our critical services could continue to feed and shelter the most vulnerable in our community. Jessica-Hancock Allen who at the time was leading our Recuperative Care team at Higher Ground Saint Paul brought a background as an epidemiologist for… (Read More)