Mary Hall gave the help Pamela needed

Ask Pamela about why she sings with the Dorothy Day Choir project, she’ll laugh and explain she joined by accident. She checked it out, she says, simply because she was being nosy and wanted to take a peek.

“I don’t ask ‘why’ anymore. God brought me into this world and he takes care of me,” is her genuine answer. Pamela credits all good things to God. When she first came to Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center she said she only had $20 in her pocket, peanut butter crackers, a can of sardines and a phone that didn’t work.

But there at Dorothy Day Center and later at Catholic Charities’ Mary Hall, Pamela was able to get the help she needed when she needed it most. Food to eat, a roof over her head, kindness.

“When I got here, I was peaceful. It felt like 200 pounds off my shoulders,” she said.

This fall, with some stability in her life, she joined the choir. It’s fitting, after all Pamela grew up singing in church choirs, both of her parents were ministers.

“I love the unity of the choir because it’s a small group of us there and we’re trying to give back,” she said. “Choir is my way of giving back. I don’t have anything. I could not have a voice, but I do have one.”

She hopes her time at Mary Hall is short lived. She would like to be on her own in an apartment one day soon. She isn’t concerned about material things, other than a simple place to call home.

“Get closer to God. You can’t lose God,” she said.

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