Marigold moving home to Higher Ground

Marigold is pretty sure she will cry the day she finally moves into Catholic Charities’ Higher Ground Residence.

After all, she cried the day she was able to tour Higher Ground Saint Paul when it was still under construction. She said the energy there was so positive it just put her in a better mood.

Marigold outside of Higher Ground“There’s something about going over there that, for me, there’s this sense of hope and belonging. When I left there, I cried. We’re really going to be treated like people over there,” she said. “I appreciate Dorothy Day, and it serves a purpose, but somewhere along the line it just became a sense of hopelessness.”

Marigold is a guest in the second floor women’s program at Dorothy Day Center. Many different circumstances contributed to Marigold’s fate. Loss of income, mental illness, family struggles all played a hand.

She has been there since last summer, sleeping on the first floor mats before moving to the bunks on the second floor.

“On the floor, it’s cold. It’s always cold,” she said. “It is really uncomfortable, you never are comfy or warm on the floor.”

Marigold will live in room 303 of Higher Ground Residence. There, for the first time in a long time, she will have a door to lock and a window to look out on the world. It will be the first time in her entire 45 years she has lived alone.

Independence is welcome, but new territory for Marigold. She imagines she will spend the first week simply enjoying the quiet in her own space. Then Marigold plans to work on some goals.

“I need to work harder on my depression, I really do,” she said. “I need to do what I need to do to move forward.”

In addition to working to become healthy, Marigold hopes to find a job. After applying for several jobs and not getting called for interviews, Marigold is getting help from Ramsey County-St. Paul WorkForce Center. She’s hoping to learn her strengths and find job opportunities which meet her physical limitations.

“I am ready,” she said with a smile. “Just having my own space, really having my own space, will make such a difference.”

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