Residential Treatment at St. Joseph’s Home for Children

Children's Residential Treatment Services

Age-appropriate comprehensive therapy, family therapy and involvement in child's treatment plan with on-site partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools. Positive, asset-based approach to help children identify and work toward their goals.

Therapy, skill building groups (coping skills, self care, etc.) and specialized group therapy (loss and grief, trauma, abuse, attachment issues), after-care support to assist families in connecting with community resources for six months after a child leaves St. Joe's, Onsite recreational activities, education, computer lab and medical health clinic, optional spiritual care program welcoming all faiths

Staff are trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidenced-based treatment for children with trauma related emotional difficulties.

Youth counselors and therapists adopt a relationship-based approach with children and their families to help children identify and work toward their goals, which often include learning conflict resolution, building coping skills and honing problem-solving abilities.

Residential Treatment
1121 46th Street East
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Additional information

Fax: (612) 827-9321

Residential Treatment Referrals:

Parents often receive referrals from insurance companies, counties or court orders before choosing St. Joe’s Residential Treatment program.

For Residential Treatment referrals: (612) 204-8252

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