Mary Hall Supportive Housing

Dignified, affordable and supportive housing

Mary Hall Supportive Housing provides affordable and supportive living for single adults experiencing homelessness to transition to permanent housing.

There are 56 men and 24 women living in Mary Hall’s Supportive Housing program. Services include month to month leases, intensive case management, financial assistance, meals available at nearby Dorothy Day Center and subsidized rent; two year maximum stay.

The Supportive Housing program includes 80 private, furnished rooms with shared community areas. The program offers housing, case management, financial assistance and subsidized rent. Residents contribute 30 percent of their net income each month toward a savings plan, which they can use toward a rental deposit when they leave the program.

Residents must pay a security deposit and first month’s rent upon admission, participate in a money savings program and work with a case manager to achieve personal goals. Alcohol and chemical use is prohibited on site.

Mary Hall
438 Dorothy Day Place
St. Paul, MN 55102

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