Higher Ground St. Paul Medical Respite

Care Support for Homeless Adults

Provides a place of healing for homeless adults who are too injured or sick to be on the street or in a shelter, but not sick enough to be in a hospital.

Nurses and other respite staff members help patients follow through with hospital discharge instructions, develop strategies to live as fully and productively as possible, and increase skills to better navigate the health care system. To access respite care, a medical provider needs to make a referral.

What to Expect

• A bed with a shared bath (All but six beds in St. Paul are private rooms)
• Three meals a day
• Access to laundry
• High quality, respectful care

Higher Ground St. Paul Medical Respite
435 Dorothy Day Place
St. Paul MN 55102


• Referred by a partnering medical provider
• Homeless or lacks stable living environment
• Medical or psychiatric problem or condition requiring short-term care
• Medically and mentally stable
• Independent in activities of daily living or has PCA services

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