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For 150 years, Catholic Charities has been a beacon of hope, an advocate for justice and a safety net for those most in need.

This is a powerful and bittersweet milestone. We lament the persistence of poverty, homelessness and injustice in our community. And yet, there is so much to honor and celebrate – the perseverance of the men, women and children who face heartbreaking struggles with courage and grace and the life-changing opportunities each of us have to ease those burdens and strengthen our entire community.

Catholic Charities’ history – and future – is about everyday heroes coming together to support a common cause. Individuals, families, neighbors, coworkers, fellow human beings who make a thousand decisions to show up when it would be easy to cancel. To give when it would be easy to look the other way. To work harder when others might give up.

Dorothy Day Place

Dorothy Day Place

This fall, Dorothy Day Place – the largest public-private partnership of its kind in state history – opened its doors in downtown Saint Paul, in the shadow of the Cathedral and our State Capitol. The timing could not be more crucial as a housing and homelessness crisis grows in Minnesota and across the nation.

The tenacity, generosity, vision and commitment that is bringing Dorothy Day Place to life will fuel the critical work that still remains. The need is great and with your ongoing support, we are prepared to lead.

Much has changed in 150 years – and the most important things remain steadfast: Catholic Charities is a critical part of the social and civic infrastructure in our community. We exist to respond to the hardest challenges. We are here to be a light for our neighbors in their darkest moments. We believe in the value of every person, regardless of faith, background or circumstance. We believe in second chances. And we believe in you. Thank you for being a part of Catholic Charities today – and tomorrow.

Leading the way

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