Launching the Search for Our Next CEO

Dear Friends:

For nearly a decade, I have been blessed to help lead this remarkable organization. Like so many of you, I am inspired every day by the dedication and compassion of my colleagues and by daily examples of grace and humanity among those we serve. My time at Catholic Charities has been and will continue to be a profound gift.

Launching the Search for Our Next CEO

Today, we are announcing the search for our next CEO, beginning the public phase of a succession plan developed by me, our board of directors and members of our leadership team. This planning has taken place over the last several months and because of your importance to Catholic Charities, we want you to hear this news directly from me.

We expect the search to take place over the next several months. Our board has named a special selection committee, led by former board chair Tom Arata of Ecolab, to oversee the process and retained one of the country’s leading executive recruitment firms, DHR International, to conduct the search. We’ll provide updates as we are able.

This process – which will likely play out over the rest of 2020 and into next year – will not affect any of our programs or our day-to-day work. I will remain active as president and CEO until my successor is on board and once that handover has happened – probably sometime this fall – I will become “President Emeritus,” a position I expect to continue into 2021 to support our new CEO and specific projects important to our future.

A Strong, Vital Catholic Charities to Lead Change in Our Community

Catholic Charities has served this region for 150 years, through wars, economic downturns, natural disasters and more, always evolving and rising to meet the most urgent issues of our time. In 2020, we are again called to service in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, a virus that seems to seek out the most vulnerable among us, and, catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd, to stand up stronger than ever against the virus of racism that has afflicted our society for centuries. Our work has always been critical, but it is only possible because of steadfast, committed supporters and partners like you.

Our mission – to serve those most in need and to advocate for justice in the community – has never been more relevant and your support never more necessary than ever. Over the next decade, a strong and vital Catholic Charities – which reaches across lines of politics, religion, geography, income and race – will answer our call to service with focus, with creativity and with the joy of a struggle worth winning. With your support to sustain us, I know we will succeed.

Thank You and Onward!

Thank you for being the lifeblood that makes our mission possible, able to provide food, shelter and homes, hope and healing to nearly 23,000 of our most vulnerable neighbors each year as they face some of their hardest, darkest moments. Thank you for your support that saves lives every day.

And, perhaps most importantly, thank you for what is yet to come.

With profound respect,

Tim Marx

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