Hope Street Staff

Tnanita Hatley

Shelter Unit Manager

Tnanita has more than 10 years experience working with youth and enjoys the culture each youth brings to Hope Street. Her celebrity choice would be Beyoncé minus Jay Z, independent with a great voice.

Christi Neaton

Shelter Case Manager

Youth are our past, present and future. Christi is grateful to be a part of their journey.

Molly Cook

Case Manager

Molly has over five years of experience working with youth, and one at Hope Street. Being able to offer a voice and advocate for youth is why she does this work. She also enjoys making those around her laugh.

Franz D

Shelter ILS Case Manager

Franz has more than 13 years of experience working with a diverse array of youth and communities. He enjoys meeting youth where they are at and helping them meet their goals.

Paul Carlson

Shelter Youth Counselor

Paul has worked with youth for more than nine years. The most rewarding part of his job is seeing youth develop the skills and confidence to be successful once they leave Hope Street.

Novolia Tindall

Shelter Overnight Youth Counselor

Novolia has been working with youth for years. As she continues to work in this field she would like youth to be proud of who they are and never give up.

Michael Thomas

Shelter Overnight Youth Counselor

Thomas works with youth to rekindle hope in them, so they might have a successful future. His vision to end youth homelessness is to see more options to reunite youth with families, when it is safe.

Laura Erickson

Housing Program Manager

Laura has worked with homeless youth for 12 years. Getting to be part of the joy in moving a youth into their first place is her favorite thing. She will be happy to find a new job if this happens enough times!

Mo O’Keefe

Shelter Youth Counselor

Mo has worked with homeless youth and families for the past 15 years. She is energetic, laughs a lot and keeps it real with the youth while addressing life situations. Mo’s mentor – her Dad. Life is good!

Chaz A

TLP Overnight Youth Counselor

Chaz has been working with youth for 15 years overseas, in group homes and residential settings. He is currently working on a degree in psychology to aid in his youth work.

Andy Martin

TLP and Shelter Overnight Youth Counselor

Andy has been at Catholic Charities for 40 years in many different roles. He settled in at Hope Street doing what hooked him long ago: direct work with young people, helping them explore options and decisions.

Audrey Woods


Audrey assists youth at Hope Street in securing stable housing. She enjoys theater, music, and most things associated with the arts.

Joelle Bellows

Community Outreach Case Manager

Joelle’s favorite part of working at Hope Street is that she gets to meet so many talented and courageous individuals. She is honored to be provided with the opportunity to be part of their journey

James Williams, Jr

School Outreach Case Manager

James has been a case manager with Hope Street for more than seven years. He has worked within the School Outreach Program for more than five years connecting with schools and youth in them.

Matt Sexton

Community Outreach Case Manager

Matt has worked with youth for 15 years and has been at Hope Street for 6 years. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his two daughters. He can also be found fishing and golfing when his kids let him!

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