Hope Street gave Carlos a solid foundation

Carlos was 16-years-old when he first came to Catholic Charities’ Hope Street Shelter.

“Family, running the streets with my friends, all the wrong things got me to Hope Street,” he said.

Now, nearly seven years later, Carlos has built a life for himself. He’s working, going to school and has a roof over his head. He can look to the future with positivity, knowing his dreams have a good shot at coming true.

“Hope Street, it’s just…comfortable. Nice people. Good peers, nobody really doubting you. At first I had my guard up because I’d never had anyone who believed in me before.”

While he was at Hope Street, Carlos stuck to his school work. He remembers it was a positive way to keep busy. His hard work paid off. Carlos is proud to say he graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

Hope Street was home for Carlos for about three years. He stayed in both the shelter and the transitional living program. He’s now sharing a 2-bedroom apartment with his aunt.

He is working for TCF Bank Stadium and Target Center. Again, his honesty and hard work is paying off. He recently earned a bonus when he turned in a phone he found in the stadium.

Carlos said Hope Street, and the staff that worked with him there, helped him build a solid foundation.

“Hope Street showed me how to plan out my day, stay consistent and do the right thing. I used to talk with a lot of slang, and they showed me how to speak professionally,” he said.

Carlos remains committed to school; he’s working toward a college degree in graphic design. He’s completed internships and even worked on a television commercial.

As much as he appreciates everything he gained from Hope Street, he is committed to never experiencing homelessness again and is careful with his money.

“I never ever thought that I would come this far,” Carlos said. “Hope Street is the best shelter.”

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