Helping each other through COVID, together

As the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, Melody tossed and turned at night worried her underlying conditions, age and lack of a stable home would make her more susceptible to the disease. Part of Catholic Charities Homeless Elders program, Melody had been grateful for the shelter at Higher Ground Saint Paul, but worried that the close conditions would put her health at risk.

Thanks to your generous support and cooperation from public and private partners, Melody was transported to an area hotel where she’s able to sleep comfortably, keep social distance and walk in the fresh air every day.

Now, Melody sleeps safely and comfortably in a bed she describes as “like heaven” … but her life hasn’t always been a dream.

When they were younger, she and her husband experienced a dependency on alcohol.

Luckily, in 1976, Melody went through treatment and has never looked back. She’s been sober for 45 years and knows it’s the best way forward. “It’s hard at a homeless shelter (to stay sober),” she admits. “But I’d be dead if I was drinking.”

The only drawback to her current situation is being separated from residents who didn’t need to move to alternate housing. Like so many, Melody is struggling with the isolation of quarantine.

“I miss my friends from Dorothy Day Place, but they’re safe too,” she says, finding the positive in the situation.

Before the pandemic, Melody had been applying for housing of her own and looking at possible part-time jobs. Thanks to compassionate partners like you, we can keep the door open for her until she can safely leave homelessness behind.

Your support of Catholic Charities ensured that Melody, and hundreds like her have a safe place to stay throughout this pandemic. Thank you for making a difference in the darkest, hardest moments of people’s lives. Together, we can create hope for a brighter future.

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