Heat Poses Health Risks for Unsheltered Neighbors

For people experiencing homelessness, the extreme heat of summer can be even more life-threatening than the cold days of winter.

And for those over 55 years of age—a growing demographic among those experiencing homelessness—the implications can be even more severe.  Heat stroke is a real risk, and it is likely to impact people who are elderly or in a vulnerable health situation.

At Catholic Charities, our staff are seeing the impacts of the current heat wave firsthand.  Our shelters across the region have been filling up more quickly during these hot summer days.  We also work with increasing numbers of older adults, so our teams are working hard to offer extra care to those who are particularly at risk.

How you can help:

If you would like to help those who are struggling with the hot weather, you can donate items—such as fans, water bottles, bottled water, and Gatorade—to our Distribution Center.  A full list of needed items is available here: https://www.cctwincities.org/donate/wish-list-for-people-in-need/


Both Hennepin and Ramsey counties offer air-conditioned cooling spaces, where people can escape the heat.  Information on those locations is here:

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