FAQ In-Kind Donations to Dorothy Day Place

Catholic Charities serves nearly 23,000 people every year with a diverse range of programs, offering basic necessities and help in moving toward greater stability. Our programs and the people we serve rely on the community for gifts of time and treasure. Several items are always needed to continue our services to men, women and children.

Catholic Charities Dorothy Day Place is one of the many sites that has been receiving a tremendous amount of support from our community. To help individuals and groups navigate the in-kind donation process, we have put together a FAQ below and contact information. In whatever way you choose to give, we are grateful for your positive impact on the lives of those most in need.

FAQ for In-kind Donations to Dorothy Day Place

Q: What is the best way for me/us to help those most in need through donating in-kind gifts such as nonperishable food or hygiene items?

A: Thank you for thinking of our shelter guests and housing residents that we serve! Catholic Charities has a dedicated team that understands the most up-to-date needs of our guests and residents and coordinates in-kind donations through our distribution center in St. Paul. You can find our Wishlist online. Please note that we are only able to accept new, unused items. Please call (612) 204-8295 to inquire or to schedule a drop-off.

For questions on food donations, please contact the Food Distribution Supervisor at 651-647-2344.

Q: What if we want to donate directly to shelter guests and housing residents at other locations like Dorothy Day Place or Higher Ground?

A: While we are grateful for your generosity, dropping off food or in-kind gifts directly at our sites can create unintentional complications for staff and clients. For example, many of our guests and residents do not have a lot of storage space for food. Our Distribution Center has the capacity to store and distribute food to sites, so that your donations make the most impact. Please call (612) 204-8295 to schedule a drop off time or for any questions. The address is 341 Chester St. St. Paul, MN 55107.

Q: We have pre-made meals that we’d like to distribute to shelter guests and housing residents.

A: Thank you! The most impactful way to get involved if you wish to serve meals is to join our volunteers and our Food Service Team. We serve a variety of meals multiple times a day to our guests and we would love to get your help in prepping and serving food. Please sign up. For questions, please e-mail volunteer@cctwincities.org or call (612) 204-8435.

If you are distributing food and other supplies outside of the Dorothy Day Place, we respectfully ask for your help in keeping the courtyard clean by taking care of your own trash during distribution so that we can maintain a safe and clean environment for those we all serve.

Ready to connect? We look forward to working with you! 

Volunteer. Questions? Please reach out at volunteer@cctwincities.org or (612) 204-8435.

In-kind Donation: View our Wishlist. Questions or scheduling a drop-off?  For Non-Food donations, call 612-204-8295. For food donations call 651-647-2344.

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