Family Service Center provides support

When Edna is asked to describe Catholic Charities’ Family Service Center, she says it’s a place where you always have someone to talk to and you’re never alone.

“Since I got here, I have support,” she said.

Edna and her 1, 7 and 10-year-old daughters have been staying in a room at Family Service Center. With a strong work history and good skills, Edna said she is confident she can find a job—but her first priority is to find a place for them all to live and someone to take care of her girls when she goes to work.

Once they have a place to call home and access to daycare, Edna reasons she can start to rebuild a life for herself and her girls.

“My goals are to keep stable housing and daycare so my kids’ lives will never be disrupted again,” she said.

With your support, Family Service Center is able to give Edna, and others staying there, the tools they need to regain housing and independence while offering support and fulfilling immediate needs.

Family Service Center has helped me a lot,” Edna said. “They provide food, room and board. If you have a question about something, the staff here helps in any way they can.

The volunteers are so helpful, knocking on our doors with activities for the kids and the staff is my support system.”

It’s obvious talking to Edna, her girls are her priority in life.

“Xzaveyona, my 10-year-old, all she does all day is read and put her face in a book. Blyssins goes with the flow and likes to make new friends. Jeryhia, she’s standoffish until she’s very comfortable. She’s smart too, she dances and she sings. They all like to be outside,” Edna said. “I hope to get them into a stable environment so they can get back to exploring and arts and crafts and get back to having a life again.”

While her girls are still young, Edna is already thinking about when they go to college—she hopes she’s financially able to help pay for it. Until then, she’s teaching the girls everything she knows and imagining the adventures they will enjoy in life.

“Since I’ve been here, my kids are coming out of their shells and showing their emotions. I like to see that,” she says with a smile.

While the wait for affordable housing can be long, Edna and her family are on a list awaiting transitional housing and hoping for the best.

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