Exodus offers a new beginning

“I got to Exodus and I really liked it there. The food was so good, the staff was real nice and the people were good to me.”


For two decades, Dorothy lived a quiet life in a low-income apartment in downtown Minneapolis. When the building wanted to accommodate a different clientele, Dorothy lost her home.

“I got booted out and I had to be out of there in three months,” Dorothy said.

With limited income, chronic health conditions and her cat Ambrosia to consider, Dorothy struggled to find housing opportunities that would fit her needs. While she had spent her life living in Minneapolis, finding an affordable option right for her in her home city was challenging.

Thankfully, Dorothy was only homeless for one day before she found refuge at Catholic Charities’ Exodus Residence.

“I got to Exodus and I really liked it there,” she said. “The food was so good, the staff was real nice and the people were good to me.”

Dorothy spent two months at Exodus and not only had a place to stay, but help managing her health care needs and she got on track with her nutrition. Like some other seniors who live on their own, Dorothy lacked the energy or the will to prepare multiple meals each day and wasn’t meeting her nutritional needs.

“You get older and you lose the impetus to keep plugging away at the fridge,” she explained.

Through Catholic Charities’ Homeless Elders program, Dorothy was connected to resources she would need to restart her independent life. She found a new home in Brooklyn Park at a building for low-income seniors. There, she was reunited with Ambrosia and was connected to services to help her live independently, such as Meals on Wheels.

Now she gets five meals a week delivered to her and supplements her diet with food from the food shelf.

While she feared losing some conveniences by leaving downtown Minneapolis, she’s discovering the buses work to help her get around Brooklyn Park.

“I’m finding that it’s pretty comfortable here. There’s a ARC Value Village and there’s the Starlite Center so I get to Target and Cub and I can get my postage stamps right at Walgreens,” she said. “I really like my apartment.”

She’s also branched out and reconnected with old friends and meets them for lunch.

“My friends are the most fun. I was lonely for 15 years, and now I have some friends again. I’m real thankful to have people to talk to,” she said. “I’m happy everything worked out. Now I’m hoping I can stick around awhile and enjoy my apartment.”

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