2018 Voter Guide

With so many elections on the ballot, 2018 is sure to be a banner year in Minnesota politics. Take these five steps to get ready for election day on November 6.

1. Make sure you are registered!

a. Sure, you can register at the polls in Minnesota, but why wait? https://mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us/VoterStatus.aspx

2. Vote early!

a. In Minnesota, you can vote early with an absentee ballot starting 46 days before election day. https://www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/other-ways-to-vote/

3. Know where you vote!

a. Your polling place may have changed, make sure you know where to go on election day. https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

4. Check your ballot!

a. Check out a sample ballot to avoid any surprises when you step in the booth. https://myballotmn.sos.state.mn.us/

5. Be prepared!

a. Take some time to do your homework and research your candidates. Read the candidates’ websites, check out some election coverage and when candidates come knocking on your door, be ready to ask questions about issues that matter to you. Here are a few to have on hand:

1. Even with our strong economy, many Minnesotans are stuck in the cycle of deep poverty. How do you plan to help families living in poverty find stability?

2. The workforce shortage is here, and organizations of all types are feeling the effects. How do you plan to fill the skills gap between people who want to work and available jobs?

3. How will you bridge the political divide and create a respectful civic culture in Minnesota that leads to real policy solutions?

4. How will you balance the state budget while providing services people need?

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