Easter gratitude and a request for your help

“The world will be saved by beauty, and what is more beautiful than love?”

– Dorothy Day

On this Easter Sunday, we are sending you and your families our deepest gratitude. The Easter story reminds us – now more than ever – that there is light on the other side of our hardest, darkest moments.

Distance from our family and faith communities is especially hard for many of us today. But let me offer you a silver lining; all of us at Catholic Charities are feeling connected to you in profound ways as we navigate the threats of COVID-19. Your support reminds us there will be better days ahead. You are giving us hope.

Thank you for taking the time to read these weekly updates, and for those of you who are posting them on your social media pages and sharing with others.

Urgent Need – Can You Help Us Provide Face Coverings for Clients and Staff?

We need at least 5,000 cloth face coverings to be able to protect our clients and staff. If you or someone you know would like to donate homemade face coverings, we would be grateful to receive them. Specific information and FAQs about how to create and deliver homemade face coverings to Catholic Charities can be found on our website or you can email info@cctwincities.org and a member of our team will follow up with you.

You’re Invited – A Live Tour from Our Distribution Center

On Tuesday, April 14, we will be hosting a live report on Facebook from our Distribution Center to show you all the incredible work that happens at our in-kind donation center including meal preparation, grocery delivery and care packages for thousands of individuals. I hope you will tune in to see for yourself!

Updates from Dorothy Day Place

Last Monday, my colleagues Doug and Gina provided a real-time report from Dorothy Day Place, sharing insights on the challenges we are facing and how we are adapting and stretching to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. If you missed it, you can view the recording on our Facebook page.

Good News and Hope!

There have been so many stories of profound generosity it felt impossible to pick just one to share with you here. My colleague recently received the following note from one of our longtime vendor partners:

“I have been copying and pasting the Catholic Charities updates on my Facebook page, which has led to people asking how they can help. One of my sisters is making masks for long term facilities and group homes for developmentally disabled seniors. She is buying all the material herself and in lieu of being paid for them she has asked people to donate to Catholic Charities.”

The creativity, generosity and love of this community is alive and well – and we are feeling it.
I wish you peace during this season of renewal – thank you for being our helpers and our hope!


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