Dorothy Day Place Campaign Committee Receives Philanthropy Award

Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Minnesota Chapter Recognizes Campaign Committee’s Generosity, Leadership, and Advocacy

Congratulations to the sixteen members of the Dorothy Day Place Capital Campaign Committee, who today are being awarded the “2019 Outstanding Contribution to Philanthropy” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Minnesota Chapter. The Committee was nominated for the Award by Catholic Charities’ Tim Marx and Hayley Mueller. Some excerpts from the nomination:

“The extraordinary efforts of these sixteen Twin Cities leaders – led by three Committee Co-Chairs including Doug Baker (Chairman & CEO, Ecolab), Mary Brainerd (former President & CEO, HealthPartners) and Andy Cecere (President & CEO, US Bancorp) — garnered extraordinary results: they were personally generous, inspired generosity in others, leveraged their influence, and amplified their voice to raise $40 million in private funds to support the Dorothy Day Place Capital Campaign. … The Committee’s generosity, leadership, tenacity and advocacy inspired the community.”

“The Committee – stepped up as champions for the project, with the leadership, volunteerism and civic engagement that is so deeply rooted in Minnesota’s philanthropic spirit. [They] brought big hearts, deep passion …and inspired a historic $100 million public-private partnership, the largest in housing and social services in state history.”

“The Dorothy Day Place Campaign theme was ‘All of Us Together,’ and the Committee exemplified that spirit in every aspect of their work, building a solid and ambitious strategy that galvanized countless key partners.”

“Less than two years after the Campaign launch, the Committee announced the Campaign had reached its bold $40 million goal…but achieving the private fundraising milestone is only half of the story. Throughout the course of the Campaign, Committee members also regularly contacted lawmakers from both sides of the aisle…– ultimately leveraging an unprecedented $60 million of public investments.”

Dorothy Day Place is changing lives, and its impacts are far reaching, going well beyond the walls of the buildings themselves. And at a time when homelessness is reaching record levels across our state, the Committee’s efforts offer an inspiring model for what a group of committed individuals can do to make our community a better place – focusing, in true Minnesota fashion, on a goal rooted in compassion and common sense. And their legacy will help transform lives for decades to come.”

As part of the nomination, other key partners shared their perspectives on the Dorothy Day Place Capital Campaign Committee’s impact:

“Too many people are locked out of the hope and prosperity our community has to offer. Dorothy Day Place – in the heart of Saint Paul – is a powerful statement that all people matter, and everyone deserves a chance to thrive. The volunteers who raised hope, awareness, and financial resources for Dorothy Day Place have done something special that will shape this community for generations to come.” – Melvin Carter, Mayor, City of Saint Paul

“The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation made the lead $5 million Challenge Grant to the Dorothy Day campaign knowing that the right team was in place to maximize its impact. This campaign was about mobilizing a powerful public-private partnership in response to an urgent community need. Its historic success has not only paved the way to make Dorothy Day Place a reality, but also for future cross-sector collaborations based on this powerful model.” – Mark Dienhart, Ph.D.; President/CEO, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

“The vision and campaign for Dorothy Day Place has a special place in Minnesota history as the largest public-private partnership of its kind in housing and social services. The commitment to raise unprecedented philanthropic resources for Dorothy Day enabled public funding partners – local, state and federal – to maximize our collective impact. Dorothy Day Place now stands – in the heart of our capitol city – as a national model for preventing and ending homelessness.” – Mary Tingerthal, Former Director, Minnesota Housing

We are grateful for the incredible work of the Committee—and for all who work to make our community a place where everyone has a chance to thrive.

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