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Hope Street

Parking and entry at Hope Street

When you arrive:

Enter the long driveway accessed from 46th Street. When coming up the driveway you will see road signs on your right pointing to a “Hope Street Entrance” – volunteers should bypass these signs and go in through the main entrance door marked “St. Joseph’s Home for Children”. Note: You will be entering the main entrance for St. Joseph’s Home for Children and there is no sign for Hope Street at this entrance. During regular business hours, the door will be unlocked. Proceed to the reception desk, tell them you are here to volunteer or visit at Hope Street (they will contact Hope Street staff to come to get you) sign in (including your car make, color & license information) and put on your volunteer or visitor badge. During non-business hours, the second set of doors will be locked. Please use the call box to the right of the doors to reach Hope Street by dialing extension 8448. They will assist you with signing in and obtaining your volunteer or visitor badge. Please don’t forget to sign out when you leave.


We have an upper and lower lot available for parking. For those with restricted mobility, please turn right at the top of the drive to find an available space. All others should turn left at the top of the drive to park in the lower lot.

View of the drive from 46th street

View of the drive from 46th street

Main entrance to St. Joseph's Home for Children

Main entrance to Hope Street at St. Joseph’s Home for Children

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