The Mary F. Frey Minneapolis Opportunity Center

Parking and Entry at The Mary F. Frey Minneapolis Opportunity Center

When you arrive:

If you are here to volunteer or make a delivery, enter the rear unmarked loading dock door which is accessed from the parking lot. When you arrive the door will be locked. Ring the doorbell located to the left of the door and someone will come to let you in. Volunteers will proceed to the Volunteer Center using the hallway on the left, and will use the tablet to sign in. All others will proceed to the Front Desk using the hallway on the right, and will sign in with staff. Please don’t forget to sign out when you leave. All other visitors must use the main entrance accessed from 17th Street.


There is a very small parking lot adjacent to the building and accessed from 17th Street. If the lot is full, you can park on the side streets but please NOTE any parking restrictions.

Opportunity Center

View from 17th Street

Loading Dock Door

View of loading dock door

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