Couple works to end homelessness

Living in downtown Minneapolis, Gene and Pat Radecki see homelessness every day, and they are determined to do something about it.

“Homelessness is our passion and Catholic Charities really does amazing things toward ending homelessness,” Pat said.

Both supporters and volunteers working to serve those most in need, the couple said they hope people get a better understanding of homelessness and are then motivated to join the effort.

“If you ever take time to be with homeless people a little bit, you realize the problem. You see how difficult it is for people to move from where they are,” Gene said. “In a community that is as rich as we are, it just doesn’t seem right.”

That is just one of the reasons the Radeckis support Catholic Charities. They hope you join them this month as gifts are matched—dollar for dollar up to $250,000 through June 30.

“Catholic Charities’ approach to the whole problem seems to make sense,” Gene said. “They take care of basic necessities and then people can work their way up and out of the system. Maybe you can’t end homelessness, but you can end the need for some people to have public or private assistance.”

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