Business, philanthropy make sweet combination

Calvin and FritzCalvin and Fritz make and sell maple syrup with the help of their parents, Mark and Katey McCabe.

Fritz is but 6-years-old and Calvin is 9, but they’re serious business partners, even showing up to their meeting with Catholic Charities’ Food Distribution Supervisor Aaron Hasnudeen in pressed white shirts and ties.

Hollis and Ozzie’s Pure Maple Syrup Company isn’t a big operation, but it is mighty. Their parents are hoping the syrup side business not only teaches the boys about earning money, but the importance of giving back.

During their recent meeting with Hasnudeen at Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center and Higher Ground Saint Paul they toured the facilities and presented a $100 check from their syrup earnings. They were curious about just how far that check could go, and were happy to learn that, because of our ability to buy in large quantities that $100 would go far.

“That makes me feel great,” Fritz said. “I just like helping people.”

The boys brought a bottle of syrup with them to the meeting. The label says “Pancakes + Syrup = Happy.” Hasnudeen bought that bottle for $10, but it didn’t go home with the McCabes.

“Mom, is it okay if we give this too?” Fritz asked.

“That’s fine with me but you’ll have to ask your business partner,” Katey reminded.

After a quick whispered consult, the boys smiled large and said “We just want to help EVEN MORE people!”

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