Catholic Charities Advocacy Q & A

The 2023 Legislative Session is in full swing, so we asked Lorna Schmidt, Catholic Charities’ Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, to answer some of our most frequently asked questions on the subject: Q: What exactly do you mean by “advocacy”? A: When we talk about “advocacy”, we’re talking about communicating about issues you care… (Read More)

Voice Podcast: Direct Cash Transfers

In this episode of Voice, Lorna Schmidt and Mike Rios-Keating discuss Direct Cash Transfers which is the idea of the government giving cash to individuals with no strings attached as a possible intervention to end poverty and homelessness. Lorna SchmidtAs a member of the Social Justice Advocacy & Engagement team, I lead the strategic development… (Read More)

Homelessness and Mental Health

The Catholic Charities Housing-Focused Behavioral Health Support Team (HBST) advocates for guests who access the emergency services offered on our Dorothy Day Campus in St. Paul. After spending some time with HBST Case Manager Michael Kaup, here are 3 things we learned: 1. Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health While… (Read More)

Challenges That Come With Cold Weather

Winter is especially difficult when you’re already struggling to survive This winter has already delivered historic snowfall and freezing temperatures—challenging circumstances for all, but especially for those experiencing homelessness or struggling to survive in Minnesota. We asked a few staff to share insight into how they are working to support our clients in the midst… (Read More)

Minnesota Legislators at Dorothy Day

Legislators and Community Partners visit Dorothy Day Campus Members of the Minnesota Senate Capital Investment and Housing and Homelessness Prevention Committees recently held a joint hearing at Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Campus to provide an opportunity for new and returning members to see firsthand the breadth of services that make up the homelessness response and… (Read More)