Answering the call to serve

“Coming to Family Service Center is really a nice thing to look forward to every week.”

Char Kouri

Each Wednesday, residents at Catholic Charities’ Family Service Center have lunch with Jim and Char Kouri. It’s a tradition that goes back almost as long as Family Service Center. The Kouris are a much-appreciated fixture at the Ramsey County shelter.

“Over the years Jim and Char have been a constant and stable force at the Family Service Center,” said John Gambino, volunteer resource specialist. “On many occasions they have answered our calls on days they have not been scheduled to come in and help out. We can always depend on Jim and Char.”

The couple serves meals, help with food preparation, clean what needs to be cleaned, fill the ice machine, map floors, water flowers in the dining room—simply anything that needs to be done for the families there.

Longtime supporters of Catholic Charities, they first came to the agency shortly after Jim retired. They were looking for a way to make a difference for those in need. Coming to Family Service Center has become an important part of their week.

“We enjoy the people. We’ve been very blessed in our life. This is a way to help others. Every time they call, we come,” Jim says with a smile.

Thanks, Jim and Char, for being such an important part of the Family Service Center and for being present to the many families that have come through over the years.

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