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All of us, together.

Thanks to generous donors, advocates and volunteers, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis served nearly 23,000 men, women and children during their time of need in fiscal year 2019. As the needs of the community grow and become more complex, your support is more critical  than ever. You made it possible to serve more than one million meals, create pathways out of poverty through workforce development training and employment services, provide quality and consistent childcare and the stability of a home to thousands of Minnesotans in need.

Tim Marx

In the next year, we will honor our history, those we have served and the community which makes it possible. In our first 150 years, we have become a critical part of the civic and social infrastructure providing a warm bed, dignified shelter, care in times of crisis and foundations on which to grow. This year, we will also look to the next 150 years of Catholic Charities and how we can achieve our mission of serving those most in need and advocating for justice in the community. We hope you will join us as we work to achieve racial and social equity and a more vital community for all.

Honor the past. Build the future. All of us, together.

Hayley Mueller
Interim Vice President of Development




Total Revenue: $32,627,697

Government Fees and Grants: $22,028,877


Program Service Fees: $9,960,895


Other Revenues: $637,925



Total Support: $19,410,773

Contributions and Private Grants, Net: $18,835,473


United Way: $575,300


Total Revenue and Support:



Numbers may not be equal to 100% due to rounding. See complete financial summary.


Catholic Charities leverages private philanthropic support and essential public investments to meet the most critical needs in our community.




Social justice advocates




People served

Your gifts in action!


provides nutrious meals for 26 homeless youth at Hope Street.


provides emergency shelter for 15 men and women.


shelters a child for one night at St. Joseph’s Home for Children.


will put one person through our job training program.



You made a difference in the lives of 22,000 people last year. We'd like to introduce you to four people who, thanks to your support, are on the path to stability.
Click on the images to read their story

When they arrived at Family Service Center, Bottney, 26, Desire, 3, Destiny, 1 and the youngest, newborn Dominique, had just spent a month living in the family car. At Family Service Center, staff work to connect clients to resources that match their circumstances. Through connections there, and a lot of leg work on Bottney’s part, they were able to find a house they can afford with the support they still need through a partner program.
Ashleigh came to Catholic Charities’ Hope Street Shelter with no job and few resources. Hope Street not only provided food to eat and a bed to sleep in, but case management, connections to resources and the sense that people truly care about her wellbeing. At Hope Street, Ashleigh was able to regroup, find a job and a stable home for her to live.
While he’s been in recovery from addiction for more than 20 years, Tony’s past of using still haunts him. His addiction and subsequent incarcerations have made it nearly impossible for him to rent a place of his own or get a job. With no place to live and no way to make an honest living, Tony was stuck in a cycle of taking desperate measures to survive. With determination, a lot of hard work and the support of the Mary F. Frey Opportunity Center in Minneapolis, Tony is becoming self-sufficient.
Debbie’s life has taken some dramatic turns in the last six months. She came to the Medical Respite Unit after a stay at United Hospital. In addition to other medical challenges, Debbie was having suicidal ideations, strategizing the best way to end her life. Now she’s looking ahead, and thanking Catholic Charities and God for helping her find the way. Indeed, she has come a long way. Debbie worked with an employment specialist at Catholic Charities to renew her CNA license, complete her resume and apply for jobs. She is attending AA meetings, and recently took a trip to the YMCA.

Term January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

Tom Arata
Board Vice Chair 2019
Vice President – Global Technology Platforms, Ecolab
Board Member Since 2013

Timothy E. Marx
President & CEO
Catholic Charities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Board Member Since 2011 (non-voting)

Nick Alfano
EVP and General Manager, Global Food and Beverage
Ecolab, Inc.
Board Member Since: 2019

Keith W. Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
American Well
Board Member Since 2018

Heather Anfang
Vice President Ebusiness
Land O’ Lakes
Board Member Since 2018

Desirae Butler
Director of Compliance & Risk Management
Norwest Equity Partners
Board Member Since: 2019

Dr. Duane Carter
Senior Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Board Member Since 2018

Greg Chamberlain
Regional Vice President
Xcel Energy
Board Member Since: 2019

Kris Cotrone
Vice President, Human Resources
General Mills
Board Member Since 2018

Steve Cramer
President and CEO
Minneapolis Downtown Council and
Downtown Improvement District
Board Member Since 2016

Kathleen Erickson DiGiorno
Senior Legal Director, Litigation & Admin.
Board Member Since 2016

Joseph P. Donnelly
Division Global Laboratory Operations Leader
Medical Solutions Division, 3M
Board Member Since 2018

Frank J. Dutke
Retired Corporate Executive, Community Volunteer
Board Member Since 2016

Christine Esckilsen
Chief Human Capital Officer
Piper Jaffray & Co.
Board Member Since 2016

Julie Heyroth Gasper
Retired Financial Executive
Board Member Since 2014

Most Reverend Bernard A. Hebda
Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Board Member Since 2016 (non-voting)

Pahoua Hoffman
Executive Director
Citizen’s League
Board Member Since 2017

Bettina Hoye
Board Member Since 2014

Rev. Charles V. Lachowitzer
Vicar General/ Moderator of the Curia
Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis
Ex Officio Board Member Since 2014

Ann Lenczewski
Government Relations
Lockridge Grindal Nauen
Board Member Since: 2019

Tom Mahowald
Retired Healthcare Executive
Board Member Since 2014

James McClean
Government Relations Director
Board Member Since 2016

Barb Melsen
Community Volunteer
Board Member Since 2016

Christine L. Meuers
Retired Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo & Company
Board Member Since 2015

Tom Murray
Chief Operating Officer
United Healthcare Global
Board Member Since 2017

Michael Nash
Retired Associate General Counsel
Board Member Since 2015

Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa
Board Member Since: 2019

Steve Noble
McKinsey & Company
Board Member Since 2015

Amanda Norman
Vice President
Thor Companies
Board Member Since 2018

T. Mychael Rambo
Founder and CEO
Lion’s Share Productions
Board Member Since 2017

Jodi Richard
Vice Chariman and Chief Risk Officer
U.S. Bank
Board Member Since 2018

David A. Seidel
Canadian Premier Life (a Securian company)
Board Member Since 2015

Jamez Staples
Renewable Energy Partners
Board Member Since: 2019

Steven Stenbeck
Ernst & Young
Board Member Since 2018

Julie Sullivan
University of St. Thomas
Board Member Since 2017

Bob Tift
Partners in Mission
Board Member Since 2014

J. Thomas Vitt
Jones Day
Board Member Since 2017

Dan Weiler
Retired Wells Fargo Executive
Board Member Since: 2019

Steven Wells
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Board Member Since 2018

Michael Wilczynski
Assistant VP, Tax and EMEA General Tax Counsel
Cargill Incorporated
Board Member Since 2016

Mike Zumwinkle
Senior Program Officer
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Board Member Since 2017


We can't do it without your help

Catholic Charities is there in the hardest moments.

Catholic Charities serves those most in need. We are a leader at solving poverty, creating opportunity, and advocating for justice in our community. We recognize the dignity and worth of every person, regardless of faith, background or circumstance.

Those most in need deserve our very best response – compassionate, high-quality, research-based services to meet immediate needs and to lay a foundation for a better future.

Founded in 1869 and rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Charities is a critical part of the region’s social and civic infrastructure. We are committed to serving those most in need because it is the right thing to do, the smart thing to do and strengthens our entire community. We seek a community where race is no longer a predictor of outcomes.


It starts with you.

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