Your Vote. Your Voice.

Elected officials make decisions every day on important issues that impact you and the future of our communities, like access to housing and healthcare, education, transportation and neighborhood safety, just to name a few. The 2022 elections will once again put all these issues on the ballot.

Members of Congress and all of Minnesota’s state legislators are up for election this year, and there are local elections for county board members and city council members, too. This means the 2022 elections have the potential to completely change the political landscape in Minnesota and across the nation.

Your vote is your voice. By exercising your right to vote, you have a say in helping to elect the people you think will best represent you and the issues you care about.

Here are some resources to get you started in your voting journey.

2022 Elections timeline


Register to Vote

In Minnesota, you can register to vote at the polls, online or by mail. You can register to vote even if you are experiencing homelessness.

Are you eligible to vote?
Are you registered to vote, or do you need to update your registration information?
Register to vote online, by mail, or on election day.


You can vote early with an absentee ballot (starting 46 days before Election Day), or you can vote in person at the polls. You can vote even if you are experiencing homelessness by using the location of where you sleep as your address.

Find your polling place.
Vote early (absentee) by mail or in person.
Learn how to vote while experiencing homelessness.

Be Informed

Find out who is on your ballot ahead of time and do some research on your candidates to decide who you want to vote for.

Practice voting with a sample ballot.
– Check out our Candidate Conversation Guide for sample questions you can ask to learn more about their positions.
– Watch for Get Out the Vote trainings and candidate forums sponsored by Catholic Charities.
– Visit the Secretary of State’s website for all the current elections and voting information.

For questions or to learn more about Catholic Charities’ nonpartisan voter outreach, contact Lily Hijazi-Sacay, Advocacy Coordinator, at

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