Join Sowers of Justice

People of Faith Advocating for Social, Economic, and Racial Justice

Join the advocacy network of the Twin Cities’ largest social services provider. Because men, women, children, and families come to Catholic Charities during some of the hardest times in their lives, we have considerable insight into the challenges they face and the hopes they have for the future. Join with us to advocate for the social, economic, and racial justice that transforms not only the lives of those in need but of our entire community.

Who Are Sowers of Justice?

Sowers of Justice is a network of people of faith advocating for social, economic, and racial justice.

Sowers are action-oriented and make a difference by working for the long-term integration of justice into our community and by taking collective action that can produce systemic change.

Sowers use and share skill-based advocacy, and take seriously the need for ongoing education, enrichment, and leadership development in the skills of public life.

Sowers are inspired by the values of solidarity with our community’s most vulnerable members; the constructive role of government; and the promotion of peace. While these and all the principles of Catholic Social Teaching guide our work to create a more just and humane society, our values transcend religion.

Why Become a Sower?

Becoming a Sower of Justice is an opportunity to make a difference by working with others who share your commitment. In numbers, we are more powerful.

Become a Sower because…

You believe your values must be active in the world.

You believe in making a difference in the lives of those in poverty by joining with others to understand, communicate, and eradicate the root causes of poverty and injustice.

You believe in working with other organizations to create a more just metropolitan area and to promote solidarity and justice on a regional, state, and national scale.

As a Sower…

You receive the Seeds of Justice newsletter four times a year, with news and information about policy, advocacy, government, social justice events, Catholic Social Teaching, and research-based issue education.

You receive calls to action to contact your elected officials when there are critical policy and legislative issues for you to weigh in on.

You have the opportunity to develop your capacity to be a leader and an activist in your community by attending social justice meet-ups and other events.

You have the opportunity to work with others in bridging the empathy gap, promoting peace, and partaking constructively in government and civic discourse.