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2019 Voter Guide

The 2019 election includes many important local ordinances that will impact the future of your community. Take some time now to prepare for the 2019 election on November 5 with the resources listed here.

1. Make sure you are registered!

a. Sure, you can register at the polls in Minnesota, but why wait? Make sure you are registered before you go to the polls.

2. Vote early!

a. In Minnesota, you can vote early with an absentee ballot starting 46 days before election day. Plan how you are going to vote and when.

3. Know where you vote!

a. Your polling place may have changed, make sure you know where to go on election day if you plan on voting in person.

4. Check your ballot!

a. Check out a sample ballot for your community to avoid any surprises when you step in the booth.

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