Advocate works to help others

"I have got compassion for people who are hurting. It's a need in me to help them and it's been there forever."

Joan Paulson

Advocate Joan PaulsonOn an unseasonably snowy morning this spring, Joan Paulson ventured to the Minnesota State Capitol.

She was there along with a handful of other Sowers of Justice members, to deliver postcards to Governor Mark Dayton’s office.

The postcards in support of the Dorothy Day Center ReVision included notes from parishioners and community members who are advocating for a statewide investment in affordable housing and the Dorothy Day Center ReVision.

“We need to give people a place they can afford and be independent,” she said.

The postcards delivered this spring are just one of the many things Joan does to help her brothers and sisters in poverty.

“This is what I’m called to do. It’s living the Gospel, when you’re involved with people who are vulnerable,” she said. “Life can change in an instant. Each day, do what you can to make a difference.”

It’s not just a building or an issue for the former psychiatric nurse, Dorothy Day Center is where she has served meals to her friends in need.

Joan is member of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, her husband, Dennis, is a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church. Both parishes have been active Catholic Charities’ volunteers and supporters of the ReVision. Joan and Dennis collected postcards of support from fellow church members.

“I have got compassion for people who are hurting. It’s a need in me to help them and it’s been there forever,” she said.

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