Achieving Housing Stability

Last year the Catholic Charities Board of Directors directed the agency to aim its focus on achieving housing stability outcomes. We’ve long been involved in providing stable, dignified housing and shelter to those most in need. So what does it mean to achieve housing stability outcomes?

Stable housing means households have a choice over when and under what circumstances to move. Too many in our community experience high frequencies of forced moves due to things like poor housing quality, unstable neighborhood conditions and high costs of housing in relation to income. These conditions create a vicious cycle that contribute to double up and overcrowding in housing units and chronic homelessness.

Frequent forced moves have damaging financial and health impacts on our residents and neighborhoods. Stable housing provides people with an opportunity to put down roots in their community and make critical connections we all deserve. Our communities are made up of the people who live there, and we all have the inherent right to participate fully in society.

Working to achieve housing stability outcomes means adding more deeply affordable housing units, operating emergency services programs that meet people where they are and provide wrap around services that move people forward on the path to stability. It also means advocating for an equitable community where everyone has the opportunity for stability and is treated with dignity.

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