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What is Sowers of Justice?

Sowers of Justice is a membership organization for Catholics  advocating for social and economic justice. Sowers is faith-based. Its members use the biblical principles of justice and Catholic social teaching as the foundation for their work to create a more just and humane society. Sowers is action oriented. Its members make a difference by working for the long-term integration of justice into the life of their parish and by taking collective action that produces real and lasting change. Sowers is skill-based. It takes seriously the need for ongoing education, enrichment, and leadership development in the skills of public life. Sowers members engage in public discourse. Its members deliberate on the important questions of our time.

Why you should join...

Joining Sowers of Justice provides an opportunity to make a difference. Become a Sowers member because you:
  • Believe your faith must be active in the world.
  • Believe the world needs changing and that you should be part of that change.
  • Believe in the power of people working together to bring about real change.
  • Believe in making a difference in the lives of those in poverty by joining with others to attack the root causes of poverty and injustice.
  • Believe in working with other organizations to create a more just metropolitan area and to promote solidarity and justice on a regional, state and national scale.

What you get...

  • Bi-monthly newsletter to learn what other members, parishes, and action teams are doing to further the work of justice.
  • Membership events that provide inspiration and education on the issues of our times.
  • The opportunity to develop your capacity to be a leader in your parish and in your community.
  • The opportunity to join others in policy advocacy with and on behalf of those living in poverty.
  • The opportunity to plan and work with parishioners in the promotion of the Church’s social mission.

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