Volunteer Sign-In

Please Read Before Signing In

By signing in, you are in fact signing-in and agree to the following:

Client Privacy & Dignity:

Every client has the right to expect all information regarding oneself and family to be handled in a confidential manner. Your signature indicates you understand you are legally obligated not share any information verbally or written regarding a client, you may not admit to, acknowledge or inform anyone or any agency that a person has participated in our program, and you may not discuss any information about a client outside of this facility.

Photographic Release:

Catholic Charities requests your consent to photograph film or interview you for the purposes of imparting information about or raising funds for its programs. Your signature releases Catholic Charities and its agents from any and all claims for use of your photographs and/or statements.

Assumption of Risk:

I am aware that as a volunteer I expose myself to potential hazards, which include but are not limited to kitchen accidents, cuts, burns, back injury from lifting, car accidents, property damage or injury to others, falls, etc. Potential hazards have been explained to me. I am participating in this service voluntarily with the knowledge of the potential hazards involved; I hereby agree to accept any and all risks of injury.

Information Privacy:

Catholic Charities respects the privacy of all donors and volunteers. Names, addresses, and any other personal information provided will be used only by Catholic Charities to inform about activities including program updates/outcomes, special events, and funding/volunteer opportunities. At any time, an individual can remove his/her name from the agency’s contact list by contacting Catholic Charities’ Development office.

Required Service Hours

(Includes Community Service, Interns & Service Learners): Before beginning your service hours you must contact the volunteer department to set up your placement. Failure to do so may result in those hours not getting counted toward completion of your requirement. Staff on site will not sign off on service hours as verification will be submitted by the volunteer office only.

For FOOD SERVICE Volunteers:

I have read the 2013 Civil Rights Training for TEFAP Distribution Site Staff and Volunteers information within the last year and agree to follow these guidelines.

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